Muslim Basketball League of Memphis will generally follow the rules established by the NFHS (National Federation of High School). A general overview of a selection of of the important rules is listed below.

Length of Games
Games will consist of (2) halves of (20) minutes each with intermission of (5) minutes between halves. The halftime intermission may be extended to a maximum of (10) minutes for special activities. There will be a running clock until the last two minutes of the second half.

If the score is tied at the end of the fourth quarter, play shall continue without change of baskets for one or more extra periods with a (1) minute intermission before each extra period. The length of each extra period shall be (4) minutes. As many such periods as are necessary to break the tie shall be played. There will be a running clock until the last minute of each period.

At least 15 minutes before the scheduled starting time, each team shall supply the official scorer with the name and number of each team member and designate the five starting players before the circle. Failure to comply results in a technical foul. If full team isn't available by 5 minutes after the scheduled tip off. Game will be started with the present players available. If you have a substitute player you'd like to fill in please first notify the opposing teams captain, the commissioner, and the MBL Crew.


A jump ball is a method of putting the ball into play to start the game and each extra period by tossing it up between two opponents in the center restraining circle or before the alternating-possession procedure has been established.
In all other jump-ball situations the teams will alternate taking the ball out of bounds for a throw-in. The jump ball begins when the ball leaves the referee’s hand(s) and ends when the touched ball contacts a nonjumper, the floor, a basket or backboard.

Three 60-second and two 30-second time-outs may be charged to each team during a regulation game. Each team is entitled to one additional 60-second time-out during each extra period. Unused time-outs accumulate and may be used at any time in extra period.

1. Player Fouls
Number of fouls available before ejection from game:

  • 5 personal player fouls

  • 2 technical fouls

2. Team Fouls
Bonus free throw:

  • Beginning with 7th team foul each half, fouled team will receive one free throw and if first free throw is successful will receive a second.

  • Beginning with 10th team foul each half, fouled team will receive two free throws whether or not first free throw is successful.


Fighting or belligerent behavior is punishable by immediate disqualification from the game being played and no less than a one game suspension and up to expulsion for the season. The degree of punishment is dependent upon the severity of the infraction which will be determined by the commissioner in collaboration with the referees.


A substitute who desires to enter shall report to the scorer, giving his/her number.

  • At halftime and during a time-out, the substitute must report or be in position to report to the scorer, prior to the warning signal which is sounded 15 seconds before the end of the intermission or the time-out.

  • Substitutions between halves may be made by the substitute or a team representative.

  • During multiple free-throw personal fouls, substitutions may be made only before the final attempt in the sequence and after the final attempt has been converted.

  • If entry is at any time other than between halves, and a substitute who is entitled and ready to enter reports to the scorer, the scorer shall use a sounding device or game horn, if, or as soon as, the ball is dead and the clock is stopped.

  • All substitutes are not cleared to enter the game until the scorer table notifies the officials and the officials acknowledge and signal for the substitute to enter the game.

Playing Time
Each player on every team is required to play a minimum of (4) minutes per game.

1. Jerseys must be worn at all times during game play. It must remain tucked into shorts with
the player’s number clearly visible from the front and back.

2. Each player must wear basketball appropriate shoes during game play.

3. Headbands, arm sleeves, pads, braces are allowed.

4. Failure to comply with the uniform requirements will result in disqualification of player from