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The Muslim Basketball League of Memphis is an initiative started by a group of Muslim Memphians to provide a way to bring together the community from all areas through organized competition including league play, tournaments, and basketball camps. It is a  basketball league based in the city of Memphis and its surrounding areas. The league revolves around uniting our community and allowing us to enjoy a sports environment that many of us have never before experienced.

So whether you're a competitive basketball player or just some amateur looking to impress his/her friends, Muslim Basketball  League of Memphis will provide a professional environment for each team consisting of organized games with referees, statistics, jerseys, and even highlights (Insha’allah) to really show the potential the Muslim community in Memphis has been hiding all these years.
We pride ourselves in the following 5 values:
Unite - our community in Memphis, from all ages, religions, cultures, and backgrounds. 
Develop - players to provide them with all the tools necessary to be succesful on and off the court.
Brotherhood/Sisterhood - creating an environment of comrardery, friendship, and community
Dawah - expanding the teachings of the beautiful religion of Islam
Islam - serving as a platform to strengthen our deen through prayers, behaviors, talks, speakers, etc.
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